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   I have been waiting for a publisher to contact me and one did. I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed because it was a “Partner Publisher.” I thought most of the publishers that received the list from Writers Edge were traditional publishing companies . I hope I will hear from others that are true traditional publishers.

   The company is transparent, in that you know up-front that you pay for the services but, they want you to pay 30 percent on 1000 books for the first publication. I understand that it is a risk to completely pay an author for a book. I totally understand that they have to pay the people that do the leg work to market, edit, design and all of the other things that go into it, but I think that is a little steep. If I pay $3.00 a book I will invest $3,000 dollars in the first book and will have to sell all of them at full price to re-coup the money because I will only make 30 percent per book in royalties.

    I am no math whiz but that seems like a poor investment. If you have used a partner publisher please share your experiences. At this point I thanked them and I am holding out for a more traditional route or I will publish myself and take my show on the road.

Writing and Poetry

Hiram’s Boy Book Launch

This is a great historical fiction series! Check it out!

Pierce Family Saga

Hiram’s Boy is available
on Amazon and at
Ellen Plumb’s City Bookstore in Emporia

Best-laid Plans

I was so excited when I arranged a book launch party for Hiram’s Boy, the third book in the Pierce Family Saga series. I made sure to order copies in time for the December 6,  2017, launch date. Hiram’s Boy is my seventh novel but the first to launch in a brick and mortar bookstore. The promised arrival time for the copies was December 4. When December 1 arrived and I still had no word that the books had been shipped, I contacted the printer. Due to a flood of orders, printing had been contracted out. It seemed there was a glitch with my shipment. I should have the books by December 6, the day of the launch. That didn’t happen. What to do?

A Book Launch without Books

Marcia Lawrence, the owner of

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Writing and Poetry

Where I have been

Where I have Been

Sadly I have not written since summer. It has gone so quickly that time slipped by.

I have been busy! About a month ago I sent my first manuscript to Writers Edge. A group that helps Christian Authors get their proposal out to Christian Publishers. They read and accepted my MG novel and gave me a few things to work on. I am encouraged by their words and hope to soon hear from a publisher or two. (fingers crossed)  They send the list to 71 publishers.

I have also written the rough draft for the second book. I had written about three chapters and during November (NANO) I completed the general story. Now the work begins. I have started the re-writing and editing and so far I like what I have. I wrote a lot of dialogue and now I must work to make it appealing and add some depth.

I will take this opportunity to wish everyone who reads this a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.



Writing and Poetry

Summer Of Revision

This has been quite a summer. I have had very little writing time. I have used some of the tools learned in the fiction class to revise my manuscript again and I am hopeful that I will begin the query process soon.

I would like to think that I will be able to have a book in print in at least one year. I have seriously thought about self-publishing but I am going to give traditional another try, because of the middle-grade genre.

My characters have all undergone make-overs and I have much more diversity in the book. Young people today have much of the same challenges that I did but also have a much more diverse world. They are also connected by social media, which make the world much smaller. We are connected to people of other cultures and beliefs more closely.

The little bit of my book that I shared with my class came under scrutiny because of my “Hallmark” writing style. I am trying to make it have more dimension without losing the innocence of the age of my characters. Making their problems a little harder to resolve has been a challenge.

I loved, Pollyanna, Heidi, Ann of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, and I still love Hallmark movies. I want to offer a book that touches on the problems that young people deal with without making them insurmountable. I love happy endings and in my books I will always want to eventually reach that positive resolution. I just have to balance that with the struggle they have to go through to get there.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!


God Bless



Writing and Poetry

Writing and Learning

Well, I certainly did not intend for a month to pass but it has and woosh it was gone.

 I have been re-writing my little book and I continue to learn. I am taking a fiction class at the University and the learning curve is huge. Some things  in the tool box I was using naturally and just didn’t know it had a name but sooo many are tools that I didn’t know existed.

My book is directed at middle grade but it is still too tidy; too Pollyanna.

I am working to correct that and add more dimension. My protagonist has a gift of incredible faith but she is still a 12 to 13 year old girl. I have worked out most of that but I still have the problem of her not struggling enough to find solutions. She can see her Guardian Angel and she has chats with her but ultimately the decisions she makes are her own. I want to create tension without making it too complex.

I am also taking a look at the secondary characters and deciding if they are developed enough. The third character is Zach. He is best friends with the protagonist but other than going to the same youth group my reader doesn’t know much about him.

I am also reading the manuscript and looking for imagery, and narration. I have a lot of dialogue and internal dialogue but not a lot of narration.

I will never look at another book without thinking about how much the author thought and re-wrote and then re-wrote again. I have a much greater respect for writers!!

I can look at a chapter and see it as a scene and I can use the tools given to us in our fiction class and take it apart paragraph by paragraph. AMAZING!! I find metaphors, drawing the reader in with the senses, or painting a  scene and letting the reader discover through dialogue and implication what they want to reveal. I can tell where the writer builds tension or sets tone.

I haven’t had a lot of time to revise my own work but when I do I will have a lot of skills to make it a better manuscript.



Writing and Poetry

Still querying

I have been sorely tempted to work with a publishing company that does the marketing and publishing but it is pricey and you are basically paying someone to publish instead of being paid to publish. It is a mix of vanity and self publishing.

Sooo I am going to review my book again, find ways to improve it and continue the query process. I have has some good feedback and suggestions and will consider all of those things as I continue the journey.

The good news is, I have written about three chapters of the second book and my characters are changing and growing. I am learning so much in the fiction class that I am taking and I will look at my transcript differently and with new tools as I review it this time.

The process can be frustrating and even a little discouraging but I am truly enjoying the adventure. It is opening a completely new world for me and I love every minute of it. I am anxious to finish this project and begin another chapter. Maybe a poetry chapbook or another fiction genre. There are only the boundaries we impose on ourselves.

Happy Writing!!

Writing and Poetry

Happy New Year


Hope: that is my word for 2017. Hope that all people will be recognized and treated with respect. Hope that respect for life will overcome selfish endeavors. Hope for all people who suffer from incurable disease or mental and physical anguish. Hope for peace, prosperity and God’s Grace and guidance for all.

Have a wonderful 2017!

Writing and Poetry

Christmas Thoughts

I have been so caught in Holiday planning and life that it has been a while since I sent in a submission. I did that today and I will begin to look with vigor again after the 1st of the year.

I want to share my thoughts of Christmas. It is such a special time of year and yet it seems the beauty of the real Christmas gets lost in the shuffle of buying and getting and we lose so much. The reality is so beautiful.

A child was born all those years ago to save all of us. We are given free choice by our living God and we so often choose badly. God knows our shortcomings and as long as we can admit that, He is willing to forgive.

Christ takes on all of our sins. Dies, to give us eternal life. It sounds like a fairy-tale and yet all these years have passed and the promise is still real. We have this beautiful promise. In a short 30, some years Christ did more for mankind than anyone can ever, ever do again. The ultimate gift.

My hope for this year is that more of us will embrace the true reason for the season and not let the hoopla interfere. I want to see more than lights and gifts and decorations that are all superficial. I want my family and each person who reads this blog to be Blessed by this season. To feel a real connection to Christ and his purpose. We may not know the exact date that Christ was born but this celebration is for the purpose of reminding us what Our Father did to allow us, weak and selfish as we are, to have the opportunity for eternal life. I hope you take time to really meditate on the story of Jesus’s birth and life. I hope the true reason for Christmas will manifest itself in your heart for the entire year and continue to uplift you and bring you Joy!







A blank canvas waiting for life to…

change it

paint it

imprint the motion of creatures and man.





A squirrel dances gingerly under the

tutu of an oak with a barren top.

The cat shakes her paw

wonders at the feel of…





A single flake, a unique design

no other can duplicate.

Like a fingerprint

not one the same.




gracefully falling…

created by God