Writing and Poetry

Valentines Day

I thought I would share a poem for valentines day that will be included in the poetry book that I hope to have completed in a couple of months.

Love changes as we grow and change.

Love Is

Love was
A tsunami of passion,
Cresting, plummeting,
Sucking you into the deep,
Then lifting you to start again.

Adrenaline rush,
Breathless kisses,
Electric touches,
Like the tides,
Ebb and flow,
So is love.

Need becomes us,
Not me.
Thoughts not I
But we.

A glance Cherished, 
A touch encouraged,
You the other half
Of me.

We pant together in birth,
Cry together in death,
Pray together to reclaim faith.

Our beauty fades,
But I see
In me what you see,
The jewel that
Love is.

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