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Heroes by Design

A Coming of age book about the journey of Sela, a young girl with a gift of faith. She will have to learn to temper her passion and let God lead.


Hero’s Journey

Sela and her friends realize that their relationships are changing and they have to find the path that will lead them to the mission God has planned for them.


Hero’s Purpose

Our heroes want to be pro-active in their future so they launch TNT, Teens for a New Tomorrow. They didn’t count on upper-class interference or the family health crises that tests their faith and purpose. Can Sela find a balance in God’s plan and her reality?



Heroes Deal!

Get all three books. Heroes by Design, Hero’s Journey, and Hero’s Purpose. Signed copies of each book + swag and bookmarks! All for $25.00. No shipping.

Heroes Bundle

All three books + swag.