A Coming of age book about the journey of Sela, a young girl with a gift of faith. She will have to learn to temper her passion and let God lead.

“A tale of friendship, faith, and perseverance takes center stage in Heroes by Design by D.A. Irsik. It follows the lives of Sela, Emily, and Zach–three friends who take pride in their Christian beliefs and the work they do in God’s name, until tragic circumstances test this belief and threaten to tear them apart.” Book Review Directory

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HEROES by DESIGN is the first of a series of three Upper Middle Grade, Christian, fiction books. The live launch is on March 10th. You can purchase HEROES by DESIGN at Ellen Plumb’s City Bookstore, or Amazon after March 10th. 2019.

This has been a labor of love and I hope to encourage young people everywhere to find the Hero, designed by God, inside each of you.