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Reviews that really Matter

Yeah. That’s what I said. Reviews that really matter. We get reviews from friends and family but the ones that make our hearts soar are the ones that come from readers! A librarian from my hometown sent me an email about student reviews of Heroes by Design. I love it. I wish I would hear this more.

This is the original wording from the librarian.

            Librarians review many books, and all types of books, from children’s picture books and young adult favorites, to the latest adult thriller. I often share my thoughts in the weekly library news, but I seldom have the chance to feature a guest review, especially one written by local students.

            Authored by former Jetmore resident, Debra Schwartz Irsik, “Heroes by Design,” was featured at a book signing at the library last year. During her visit, Debra was also a guest speaker for our local Youth Group. The following review of “Heroes by Design” was written by sisters, Bailee and Blaire. 

            “Heroes by Design – author D. A. Irsik – is a realistic Christian fiction book for teens.  Sela, Zach, and Emily are best friends and they are in middle school.  Emily lost her mother and her faith with it.  Sela meets her guardian angel while she tries to help Emily through her loss.
            We liked this book because it made us feel like we need to help those who are going through hard times and to be a blessing to others!”  –
Bailee and Blaire

            Taylor, Blaire and Bailee’s cousin, is also reading, “Heroes by Design.” Even with weeks of limited library access, the cousins still checked out several books each from the library over the summer. All three girls are active in library programs and visit the library year-round.  Thank you, girls, for taking the time to write this review. 
            There are two more books in the “Heroes by Design” series: book two is “Hero’s Journey” and book three, “Hero’s Purpose” is set to be released this year.                               

I want to give a shout out to Bailee, Blair and Taylor. Thanks for reading my book and a special thanks to Bailee and Blair for the review! I have sent a complimentary copy of Hero’s Purpose to the library and one to your Grandmother to share with you. This last book takes The friends to High School and the challenges of being actively engaged in their futures. I hope you enjoy!

Writing and Poetry

Hero’s Purpose is finally ready to launch. It is live on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and I will be doing an Ad Campaign on Amazon soon.

It will appear on my WordPress site as well. If you want a signed copy and swag (character bookmarks and zipper pulls), you will need to order it here. dairsik.com

I have enjoyed the journey and will miss my characters. Stay tuned for information about book bundles and opportunities for gift bundles for the holidays.

I hope to put together a book of poetry soon and also will be working on an idea for a novella.

For I know the Plans I have for You Jeremiah 29:11

Writing and Poetry


Yes, again. I am feeling a little frustrated as my scheduled release date on Ingram is July 17th. but I have yet to receive the Proof copy. The books that are offered on Amazon and other outlets will be the proof copy. I have e-mailed and called Ingram and they assure me I can change the release date but it will not change.

Five books have been pre-ordered so far and they were ordered through other sources than me personally so those people will get an un-edited copy of “Hero’s Purpose.” I checked and re-checked the manuscript so I am hoping errors will be minimal.

I will do a launch party on Facebook and several posts before the actual book is ready so watch for it and order after that time to assure the best quality in your book.

In the meantime, remember to review Heroes by Design and Hero’s Journey on Amazon and Goodreads! I’m sure that God’s timing is better than mine and I have to remind myself to be patient. God Bless.

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My third book of the Heroes by Design series, Hero’s Purpose will soon be published. I am waiting for the proof copy.

It is a bittersweet moment. I have come to love my characters and it is hard to let them go but also exciting to see where my writing journey will take me next. I hope to have a poetry book published by this time next year. I feel like Sela, is in a good place and her friends and she will make a difference.

The Covid 19 pandemic has made all of us take stock. We have realized that less is more. The things we thought were so important were not so important. We can do more and live with less. Time is our most important asset and using it to bond with family. Money and status are important but not as essential as our world makes them seem.

We have have begun to clean out our unnecessary, material possessions and accumulated things that have no real value. Taken stock of our personal journey and possibly found our path to be off course.

The pandemic has been frightening, and heartbreaking for those who lost loved ones but helped others to re-evaluate their place in their journey. It is my hope that all of us find a way to use this to choose to cherish each other and our world. To get rid of ingrained prejudices and bias. To truly embrace each other and our world the way God intends.

Writing and Poetry

Hero’s Purpose

Friends, I am excited to let you know that I am rounding the final curve on the, “Heroes,” journey. I am awaiting a beta review and an editorial review. The formatting is in process and Hero’s Purpose will soon be ready for publication. It is like sending your child out into the world after nurturing and watching them grow. I finished the trailer and would like to share it with you now.

Watch for Hero’s Purpose
Coming Soon
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Special moments

This post is about a very special person in my life. She is One-Hundred and Three and an amazing woman of God. We visited a month ago and she was practically bouncing off the walls of the nursing home. I wrote part of a poem on the way home from that visit.

We visited again over the weekend and she was not as perky and sharp. It made me think about how temporary this life is and how important it is to take time to learn from others. I finished the poem on the way home and would like to share.


Dry crepe paper skin

Vacant blind eyes

Rambling words strung

Into memorized verses

Words mined from memory

To remind us of who

She Once was

She is not needy or unhappy

Not bored or lonely

Not today

Today she is glad

Glad we are here

Anxious to spend time

Time of which

She is filled to the brim

Time, she has the luxury

To waste without care

Tomorrow may or

May not come

She offers precious

Golden nuggets freely

She does not hold back

Offering all she has

All that is left of importance

Is contained in this vessel

That may or may not recall

Your name or relationship

Stories are repeated

Moments lost


New memories made

To pass to those who take

             Time to touch

        To learn

    To listen

To cherished words

Precious moments

That would otherwise

Be lost like morning fog

Writing and Poetry

Christmas Thoughts

As we approach the birth of our Savior and a new year I am reflecting on this year!

I have been fortunate to publish two books, continue to own and work in my own business, have the love and support of family and friends and enjoy good health.

I am thankful for another year of blessings and want to be sure that I personally keep Christmas about Christ. Everyday is a day that we can choose to be Christ-like…that doesn’t mean that we present our smiling face in a church every Sunday and forget to be kind the rest of the week.

I have been the recipient a few times of someone paying it forward and it felt great. I want to be a person who pays it forward everyday. Paying it forward can be a monetary gift but it can also be a kindness.

Greatest Gift

A Shining Star
Does not waiver
Holds steady for
Kings to come
Not  yet born this 
Storied Savior
The Blessed Promised One

Three Wise men
From Orient lands
Travel to welcome
A King
For-told by prophets
So by faith 
Precious  gifts they bring
Would we believe
Would I follow that star
In this world of  doubt and fear 
Would we have thought it strange
And scoffed at what we now
Hold dear

A child is born in Bethlehem
Below a brilliant star
The Wise Men know
And leaders fear
This babe in swaddling clothes

We remember with
Poignant hymns
The Gift given that day
The King of heaven
The Son of  God
Born on a bed of hay

D.A. Irsik

Thank You and Merry Christmas!

Writing and Poetry

Hero’s Journey Launch

Here we go again! The second book of the Heroes series will launch on November 2nd and officially on Amazon the 3rd. I will be running a promotion beginning the 3rd and one lucky reader will win a Kindle-fire in addition to the signed book and swag. T-shirts are not part of this promotion.

The Promotion code is: https://debrairsik.samcart.com/products/heros-journey

Get yours beginning on November 3rd. The first ten people will be put in a drawing for the Kindle!