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The dilemma

My book series is complete, and I am working on a book of poetry. I always thought I would be a poet, but now that I got side-tracked with fiction, I find I like it. I want to publish some of my poems and then possibly some historical fiction.

The dilemma is: Should I put together several chapbooks or one or two larger themed poetry collections? I have several themes. Faith based poems, awareness poems, seasonal and weather poems, life, lessons, beauty. Where to begin?

I find I will read chapbook poems in one sitting and rarely go back to them. I am more likely to return to the more book type collections. One author with several themes in one book. Not a large volume, but more than a chapbook.

I would love to hear from readers. What is your favorite type of poetry and preferred book style? I am considering doing a couple of volumes with several sections.

Here is one for Autumn. Tell me what you think.

Photo by Abraham Braun on Pexels.co


The colors are of
Earth not sky
No soft pinks
Vibrant earthy hues
Orange, brown red
Yellow spun
In golden highlights

These colors are
What remains
Rushing through 
Veins of grasse
Of trees
Victory over
Drought, Flood
Through Heat, 
Winds disease 

Surviving they
Wave their
Proud as 
They prepare
For retreat
To mother earth

The colors are of
Earth not sky
A final splash
On the canvas
Until it begins

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