Writing and Poetry

Writing Wins

The 105 Meadowlark Reader has accepted another of my short stories for publication. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this publication of Kansas stories.

My story, Blue English Racer was in the third issue and Little Things will be in the upcoming fourth issue. If you love short stories about growing up in Kansas a subscription to 105 Meadowlark Reader is just the ticket.

Individual books can be purchased on 105 Meadowlark Readers website, or you can purchase a subscription!

Writing and Poetry


If you love historical fiction you would enjoy Hazel Hart’s Pierce Family Saga and now her spin-off, Uprooted, The Adventures of Hanna True: Book 1.

It is a quick read.

I enjoyed the history and cultural aspects of the book. Women are just coming into the time when they are bravely pushing for the vote and other rights. Hannah has been left with nothing after her father dies and leaves the hotel she has been managing to her brothers-in-law. Women could not inherit property so Hannah has to find a new identity in a world hostile to women. She meets a man on the train that offers her a surprising solution. He owns a detective agency and wants Hannah to work for him.

The book is well written and in the tradition of Mrs. Hart’s other books, the history is researched and incorporated well. I have enjoyed each of the books in the Pierce Family Saga, and look forward to the next of Hannah True’s adventures.

Writing and Poetry

Wow! Another post already.

I just wanted to share another poem that will be in the upcoming book. We had about six inches of snow and it made me think of sharing this poem.

Winter Clouds

Barren boney-fingered
Trees reach to the heavens
For life in Winter clouds
Brooding dark filtering light
Holding back the warmth of
Teasing with glorious sunrises
Sunsets that dazzle
Waiting for the melting
of life
Heavy with snow or icy rain
Turning the boney fingers
Into a crystal wonderland
Dumping random mounds
Of white like Cossack hats
Accents to counter 
Winter clouds the canopy
In natures rhythm
A time to gather strength
Storing nourishment preparing
Breaks through the grey
Quilt and warms the earth
A peek at the fluff of white
Light will come with
The thunderheads of
Summer skies

Writing and Poetry

Valentines Day

I thought I would share a poem for valentines day that will be included in the poetry book that I hope to have completed in a couple of months.

Love changes as we grow and change.

Love Is

Love was
A tsunami of passion,
Cresting, plummeting,
Sucking you into the deep,
Then lifting you to start again.

Adrenaline rush,
Breathless kisses,
Electric touches,
Like the tides,
Ebb and flow,
So is love.

Need becomes us,
Not me.
Thoughts not I
But we.

A glance Cherished, 
A touch encouraged,
You the other half
Of me.

We pant together in birth,
Cry together in death,
Pray together to reclaim faith.

Our beauty fades,
But I see
In me what you see,
The jewel that
Love is.
Writing and Poetry

The dilemma

My book series is complete, and I am working on a book of poetry. I always thought I would be a poet, but now that I got side-tracked with fiction, I find I like it. I want to publish some of my poems and then possibly some historical fiction.

The dilemma is: Should I put together several chapbooks or one or two larger themed poetry collections? I have several themes. Faith based poems, awareness poems, seasonal and weather poems, life, lessons, beauty. Where to begin?

I find I will read chapbook poems in one sitting and rarely go back to them. I am more likely to return to the more book type collections. One author with several themes in one book. Not a large volume, but more than a chapbook.

I would love to hear from readers. What is your favorite type of poetry and preferred book style? I am considering doing a couple of volumes with several sections.

Here is one for Autumn. Tell me what you think.

Photo by Abraham Braun on Pexels.co


The colors are of
Earth not sky
No soft pinks
Vibrant earthy hues
Orange, brown red
Yellow spun
In golden highlights

These colors are
What remains
Rushing through 
Veins of grasse
Of trees
Victory over
Drought, Flood
Through Heat, 
Winds disease 

Surviving they
Wave their
Proud as 
They prepare
For retreat
To mother earth

The colors are of
Earth not sky
A final splash
On the canvas
Until it begins

Writing and Poetry


Wow! Retirement is something else. So far because of Covid a lot of my goals are on the back burner. I have done a lot in the house. Painting, re-organizing, and cleaning out but have a lot more to get rid of. I hate feeling like I don’t have an income. I love having time to catch up on some reading and writing.

This brings us to the consequences. I set up an office for myself and disregarded the fact that my new desk was higher than the old one. Tennis elbow in both arms is the result and an impinged shoulder. Not life-threatening obviously but a wake-up call that I have changed how I use my arms and I am getting older. Hopefully, a cushion to raise my seat and a little physical therapy will alleviate this and I can get on with what I want to accomplish.

My poetry book is coming along, but most of the poems need some editing and re-thinking. Rarely a poem is perfect with the first writing. We can always make them better. We would all like to believe that God just puts the pen in our hands and writes for us, but writing well is an art. Writing is both a gift and a learning process.

Today I hear the Covid risk is returning and masks might be mandated in public places again. I thought about auditing some classes but will wait it out. Normal is still a very elusive thing.

I would love to hear from some of you about your choice of a poetry collection. Do you like them to be more of a chapbook or a larger collection? The very mention of poetry strikes fear in the hearts of many when we remember the rhyming and meter lessons from high school. Fortunately, there are all kinds of poetic devices and many are rich in visual and relatable words that won’t leave you wondering what you should take from it. My poems are straightforward and not rife with underlying meaning.

If you have a preference, please comment! I would love to hear from you.

Writing and Poetry



A blessing came my way today

A patchwork trophy to display

I did nothing to earn the gift

But it gave my heart a welcome lift

A gift given with no thought of return

A selfless act that all could learn

To share freely what we can

No agenda or self-serving plan

To see a need, feel a pull

Giving to others when life is full

A touch, a coin, a simple word

Only the joy of giving is heard

Yes, a blessing came my way today

Not an item for display

I’ll find someone with true need

And with joy I’ll plant a seed

I wanted to share this today because we never know where or when a blessing is going to come our way. Today I was sitting in my shop and saw a friend that had recently purchased my book series come in the door. She reached out and handed me an envelope. It contained a note that was a blessing to me. This is a short version of her message.


Just finished the third book and I hope there is a 4th in the series. You have a beautiful gift of writing and each book was read in one day. I felt drawn into the stories and they were a joy to read.

God Bless you and thank you for sharing with us.

This is better than a check. This validates my writing and my purpose. Today you are my blessing.

Writing and Poetry

Seasons Greetings

I’m excited to introduce a new offer for the Holidays. When you buy the Heroes series as a bundle it will be a straight $25.00. No tax or shipping for the rest of December and all of January! You can go to my web site dairsik.com and click the book tab. Scroll down to the series bundle and viola’ , you can get all three books+all of the swag for only $25.00!

Check it out and have a blessed and safe holiday!

Doesn’t it look great under the tree?