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First Friday Thoughts

We have a wonderful bookstore, Ellen Plumb’s, that is very supportive of the local talent. The musicians, writers, and poets are invited to participate in, “open mic,” on first Friday every month. I am going to share what I plan to read for this December, First Friday.

Greatest Gift

A Shining Star
Does not waiver
Holds steady for
Kings to come
Not  yet born this 
Storied Savior
The Blessed Promised One

Three Wise men
From Orient lands
Travel to welcome
A King
For-told by prophets
So by faith 
Precious  gifts they bring
Would we believe
Would I follow that star
In this world of  doubt and fear 
Would we have thought it strange
And scoffed at what we now
Hold dear

A child is born in Bethlehem
Below a brilliant star
The Wise Men know
And leaders fear
This babe in swaddling clothes

We remember with
Poignant hymns
The Gift given that day
The King of heaven
The Son of  God
Born on a bed of hay

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Realizing the Dream

Close! so very close. It seems like it has been a long time in coming but here I am. My middle-grade book is well on its way to publication.

Tomorrow at 12:00 P.M. Central time my editorial review will be posted on www.http://www,bookreviewdirectory.com and the e-book cover will be out there. 

Heroes by Design, the first in a three book series is being formatted and the e-book cover is designed. As soon as the formatting is completed I will submit the information needed to complete the physical book. It is exciting and terrifying. My head is exploding with all of the marketing videos and webinars I have been listening to and I am sure I will wish I had a better grip on how to build a list and all the things that go with getting the book to the intended reader.

I am studying and working on reaching my target audience but it is daunting. The process is a continuing education. My timeline is a little sketchy but I hope to have my Advance reader copies by the second week of January and the actual launch  by mid February. I will keep you posted.

I will be doing a Facebook live, Cover Reveal Party, on Dec. 3rd at 6:30. I will introduce fellow writers in my community and read my 4 Star editorial review. I am new to all of this so send me your positive energy and vibes and join me there. 

Writing and Poetry

Exciting News

I am going to publish with Ingram Spark. I have fought the good fight and I am not getting any younger. Traditional publishers are harder than ever to get accepted and Agents are the same. Indie-publishing has changed the face of the publishing world.

I knew when I began my journey that I had put myself in a very small box but being an optimist I was determined to be that new author in the very small percent to get that elusive break.

Middle Grade is a popular area for books now. They are looking for authors that deal with tough subjects in creative ways. I have done that I believe but openly giving credit to God for the success is not a popular stance. Never-the-less I am encouraged to get the book out and market it to the best of my ability.

Sooo, with the help of my wonderful editor, Hazel Hart, my book formator, Curtis Becker and the support of, The Emporia Writers Group, I am well on my way to seeing, HEROES by DESIGN, ‘Hero’s Challenge,’ published before Christmas. (fingers crossed)

Hero’s Journey will follow and by the end of summer, Hero’s Purpose. Then the 3 box set! All your prayer would be enthusiastically appreciated!


Writing and Poetry

Here we go again

Yep, here we go again. I am back to querying. I realized after I had my manuscript edited for content that I had queried too soon. I had tried to sell a skeleton. Characters that lacked body and a plot that had Swiss cheese holes in it.

I thank Hazel Hart for editing and mentoring me as I re-wrote yet again and came out with a better manuscript. I thought that I would just go ahead and self-publish and try to pitch the book to publishers or agents at conferences and I may still but I have to give traditional one more shot. My query is better, my book is better and I have learned more than I thought possible.

Heroes by Design is an MG/Christian Fiction manuscript. The box is very small. I want it to have the best possible chance to get to my target audience, which is 11 to 13-year-olds. They get their books from school book fairs and libraries or from gatekeepers. Parents or family members who want to encourage healthy reading. Finding a way to reach my audience is a challenge but I want to meet it head-on.

I may self-publish or use a Hybrid publisher in the end but I will give it one last big push for traditional publishing to give me a better chance of reaching more young people who might be influenced by Sela, Emily, and Zach. Persistence, Power, and Praise; their superhero names. Hopefully one or two might just find the Hero in themselves. The Hero that they are each designed to be.

Writing and Poetry

Heroes by Design

A Scene from Chapter Two: Sela is recovering from the loss of her dog, Thor.

Emily was waiting for Sela at her locker and gave her a big hug.

Sela smiled through her tears. “I’m okay, but thanks. You’re the best.”

Someone slammed into Emily from behind, and she fell into Sela, sending both stumbling. Emily fell and dropped her papers and books, and Sela teetered awkwardly, barely keeping her balance.

Mara Stamford stood over Emily with a fake look of concern. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did you drop your books?”

Emily looked up with an angry, pained expression. “You bi-”

“Bumped her,” Sela interjected. “I’m sure it was an accident.”

Emily gaped at Sela. “That was no accident. She did it on purpose, and you know it.”

Sela helped Emily up and started picking up books. Emily planted her feet in front of Mara and got in her face, but Sela dropped the books again and stepped in front of her. She grasped Emily’s wrist and held it tight.

Mara looked at both girls with a self-satisfied smirk. “Well, it’s been real, girls. Have a nice day. Oh, and Sela, I hope your little doggie didn’t suffer too much. I saw you crying in front of the school Friday. It must be hard to lose your only friend.”

Emily fought to loosen Sela’s grip.

Sela’s eyes filled once again. “Thanks for your concern, Mara. Hopefully, you’ll have a friend as faithful as Thor someday.”

“Oh, don’t worry about me. I have real friends, Sela. I don’t have to depend on an animal.”

If Zach hadn’t come around the corner right at that moment, resting his arm on Emily’s shoulder, and glaring at Mara, who knows what would have happened.

Emily was furious. Sela, “Why did you do that?”

Sela stood her ground. “We have to be better than that. People who intimidate others are just crying out for attention. Mara must have problems; we just need to pray for her.”

Emily’s eyes flashed. “Are you kidding? I’ll pray for her all right. I’ll pray that someone steals her clothes in P.E. and she’ll have to run home naked.”

Sela looked at Emily wide-eyed and they both started to laugh.

Zach turned red and shook his head, his voice breaking like it was searching for a note. “Girls! Why do my best friends have to be girls?”