Writing and Poetry


I recently went looking for a small nativity for John, my son, to keep in his room. We looked in bookstores, mall pop-ups, and large department stores, and sadly we discovered that the world is stealing the true meaning of Christmas. There was one small kiosk with beautiful nativities from the Holy land but otherwise, there was no indication that Christ had any part to play in this celebration.

There was an abundance of trees, Santas and elves, reindeer, gnomes, and one, or two angels but not a single Christ-child in a store. Who are we celebrating? Why are we denying Him? His birth is the entire purpose for this celebration but our retailers are afraid to have His image or name in their stores.

We might as well call it Santamas or Elfmas. It was a wake-up call for me. I know that we all get carried away but to realize that CHRIST has been made small in christmas was a painful realization.

I am sharing this poem and this post as a reminder to all of us that Jesus is the reason for this celebration. Let’s keep Christ in Christmas.

The Savior’s Birth

Bells are ringing,

Choirs singing,

Tidings of good cheer.

People rushing,

Fixing stuffing;

But why are we here?

A babe their saying,

Singing, praying,

Bethlehem, we hear

Stop the rushing.

Forget the stuffing.

Truth is strong and clear.

We’re forgetting.

That long-ago setting.

The Saviors’ birth draws near.

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