Writing and Poetry


If you love historical fiction you would enjoy Hazel Hart’s Pierce Family Saga and now her spin-off, Uprooted, The Adventures of Hanna True: Book 1.

It is a quick read.

I enjoyed the history and cultural aspects of the book. Women are just coming into the time when they are bravely pushing for the vote and other rights. Hannah has been left with nothing after her father dies and leaves the hotel she has been managing to her brothers-in-law. Women could not inherit property so Hannah has to find a new identity in a world hostile to women. She meets a man on the train that offers her a surprising solution. He owns a detective agency and wants Hannah to work for him.

The book is well written and in the tradition of Mrs. Hart’s other books, the history is researched and incorporated well. I have enjoyed each of the books in the Pierce Family Saga, and look forward to the next of Hannah True’s adventures.

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