Writing and Poetry


I have recently realized that I have the same problem as my protagonist. I sometimes get in God’s way. I want things to happen in my time instead of His. I have been struggling with waiting for results after sending about seven more query’s. I prayed about it and God very distinctly told me to be patient and wait and I am finding that very frustrating.  I also had a strong feeling that I should have the manuscript content edited while I wait. I have had a hard time doing that. FEAR. Fear that my writing is not good enough. That there are things that I need to change. I have read about writers that had to write out characters and completely change the book and that is so hard to think about.

We get very attached to our characters and it is hard to look too closely. Everyone wants to believe that when the words just seem to fall onto the page that God is helping us write and it is meant to be. I had to let go and send it to a content editor today. I know there will be suggestions and in the long run it will make me a better writer. I know that it is part of the plan and I have to listen to my characters and have patience and let it happen God’s time and stop trying to control it.

The second book is being edited and maybe they will both be ready for publication by the time I get it figured out but that’s okay. I have to step back and let go of the control. I am looking forward to the critique of the editor and as soon as my line editor is finished with the second manuscript I will get it content edited as well and I am not afraid of the work that it will take to make it a better book. Bring it On!

In fact while I am waiting I might just start book 111!

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