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Heroes by Design

I have changed the working title of my MG/book to reflect the desire of the protagonist and her two best friends to be superheroes.

They grew up pretending to be, Persistence, Power, and Praise. As teens, they have left behind the capes but maintain a hand signal that reminds them of the power within. They call it their infinity sparkle. A small thing that binds them even if they are just passing in the hall. Here is a snippet from the book.

[Emily has turned away from God and her two friends after losing her mother. Sela is struggling with being patient and she comes up with a plan to let Emily know that they are still there for her. She wants to send Emily a daily note.]

Zach looked dubious, “I think you should talk to Max. I miss her too but we have to be careful not to push her too much.”

“I know. I’ve really been praying about this and I think it’s what I’m supposed to do. I will talk to Max, but it’s all getting out of control and she just seems to be avoiding me.”

Sela smiled with twinkle in her eye, “I’m going to ask God to let Emily’s Guardian Angel give her a little push. It won’t hurt to pray, Zach, and it’s not like Em will know.”

Sela had a little bounce in her step as she swung down the hall to class. It felt good to have a plan. She gave Zach the thumbs-up with infinity sparkle; the friendship thing the three of them shared, and disappeared into the science lab. Zach shook his head, smiling and went to Chemistry. Emily was walking behind them and saw Sela give Zach the “sign.” She felt a stab of longing.


I am working on getting a proof copy to show soon. I will post possible covers and would love in-put!


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