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Hero’s Reward

I have just received notice that my poem  has been selected for the Painted Words exhibit in Lawrence, Ks.

Poetry will be interpreted by Art. The artist has interpreted the poem and those interpretations will be displayed along with the reading of the poetry. I will read the poem and enjoy the reading of eleven other Kansas, District 2 Poets.

I am excited! The exhibit and reading will be on:

       March 30th, 2018                                                                                                      Aimee’s Coffee House                                                                                               1025 Massachusetts St.                                                                                                Lawrence, Kansas 66044

 Should be fun and all are invited!

(If you would like to read the poem I published it here in Nov. of 2016)



1 thought on “Hero’s Reward”

  1. So proud of you for hanging in there. Now you are an established poet and writer and just a great person overall and all the people out there will see! Love ya sis!!


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