Writing and Poetry


Well it has been awhile. I have received my first rejection from two agents and It is a little discouraging when I have only queried about ten. You have to expect some rejection letters and it is still exciting to know that I am immersed in the process.

I came across a site yesterday called the query shark and was immediately amazed at the way this agent could tear apart a query. I have decided to re-visit mine and take a look from the agent’s perspective. She was harsh but very helpful. A little like the Simon of Queries.

I am also taking a creative writing class and learning so much about poetry. I have always felt that I could write poetry easily but I have a new appreciation for the process and the history behind it. My first presentation was on the Shakespearean Sonnet. Wow, Shakespeare was a rogue!

My book has a pretty defined market so it makes it harder to find an agent but I am setting a goal of sending to at least three more by Sunday. I will go back and follow this outline.

1. Who is the main character?

2.What does he want?

3. What is keeping him from getting it?

4.What must he sacrifice to get what he wants.

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