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Query Re-Write

I have sent a few query letters and decided that the query needs a tweak or two. I have my manuscript in the hands of a few middle grade students and hope to get their feed-back soon.

I am learning so much in this process and my admiration for published Authors has increased by epic proportions!

There are invaluable sites out there to learn from and the authors and agents that sponsor and share this information are great. I have decided that the really good query letter and synopsis are works of art. I have a ways to go to get mine there.

I am also enjoying the experience that I am gaining by taking a class at the University in creative writing. I enjoy the process and the students. Their feed-back is wonderful and I feel validated by the instructor as well. We are working on poetic form and elements and I had no idea that there was so much to learn. I will post my latest poem here as a example!



Morning air crisp and cool

with the crunch, crunch

of leaves curling beneath our feet

coloring our world in shades

red, brown, yellow

down, down they float

spiraling, swirling, blowing


Barren skeletons

against dusky skies

the giants soon will sleep

the air pungent, sharp and sweet

the vee of geese flying south

honk, honking they call to us

as they follow the leader


We bundle up for brisk walks

wind chafing our cheeks

donning our coats and gloves

trading flip flops for socks and boots

storing swim suits and shorts

watching the squirrels hustle

cheeks full of acorns


Like the seasons

we must change

nothing ever stays the same.

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