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Agent search

I have begun the search for an agent. In doing so I discovered, that most agents are looking for diversity. I thought about this and decided that my manuscript could use more diversity. It’s not that it was intentionally written without, I just did not specify race, color, or other diversity issues.

I have a young girl being raised by a single mother but after reading the agents desires I have expanded that. She is also from an ethnic back round. Another character has two moms. The play in the story now focuses on not only bullying, but entitlement, a non-traditional relationship and, also, a single mother raising a child with a handicap.

I feel good about the changes because our children live in such a diverse world and they have to deal with all of those situations. It will make it a more well-rounded book. A more inclusive story. Prejudice and injustice come in many forms. I want the young people who read this to understand that being a Christian does not give a license to judge. It is simply a lifestyle of love. Each person will stand before God on their own merit and we never have to compromise what we believe but we can learn to love our enemy even when our beliefs are different. What we say is only words. How we act on those words speaks volumes.

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