Writing and Poetry

Preparing to Query

I just returned from a great get away to St. Louis, where we spent time with my sister and her husband and had a wonderful time. Sometimes we need a little time away from every day to appreciate what we have.

I am listening to my coaching call and making positive changes to my query letter and synopsis. My synopsis was much too short and more like the jacket blurb. Mr. Malatesa said that I need to work on clarity, chronological events and comprehension. The synopsis should be at least two pages. Who knew?

I feel much more confident and ready to research agents and send out a few query letters next week. I am so excited to continue to move toward publishing. My editor, Liz Martel, is to be commended because my manuscript is clean and well written. Crossing my fingers and shutting my eyes when I drop the letters in the mail! I can’t wait to receive communication from agents. Even if it is a rejection, I have started the process. Anyone who would like to be a beta reader, let me know and I will hook you up.

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