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Seeking an Agent

I just finished my coaching call with Mark Malatesta and I am excited to make the decision to publish traditionally. Mr. Malatesta was very positive about the manuscript and did not have any criticism of the actual writing. He stated several times that it is well written and had good dialogue, pacing and action.

My challenge now is to take the tips and information that he shared with me and develop a better query letter and synopsis. I have the Best Selling Author list of agents and will begin to send out query’s as soon as I work out some kinks. I feel validated as a writer and my energy to move forward just got a huge boost!

He shared so much information and strategy and it makes sense. One example is that I had suggested that I would start with a middle grade book and then go to YA which would not work well from a publishing standpoint. Each genre is pitched differently and agents would want the series to move slowly into that transition. I will keep at least one more book in middle grade due to his advise.

Paying for a coaching call and all of the tools and information has been a great way for me to continue this journey. It might not work for everyone but I feel like I am on the right track for my book and that feels Great!

Now I have a query letter to rewrite so back to work.

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