Writing and Poetry

Book II

I have all of these ideas swimming around in my head for the second book so I took the initiative and started writing it on Monday at our local write-in.

My protagonist is working as a counselor at church camp and falls for a bad boy. After making up her mind to let her defenses down she learns a difficult lesson and struggles to regain her ground and her faith.

Most of us have had that moment when we wanted something so bad that we sacrifice what we stand for, and Sela, (my protagonist), finds out that even those who are chosen to lead can fall and sometimes fail.

Sela’s admission that she went about things wrong, will lead to her getting involved with her guardian angel and others to help, Chad, (bad boy) to hopefully break free of a dark angel. Meanwhile her friends, Emily and Zach’s romance is blooming. Emily is beginning to be able to catch glimpses of her own Guardian and struggles to share her experience with Zach who is also wondering if he is going crazy because he keeps seeing something out of the corner of his vision that resembles an angel.

The “Angel Brigade,” is unknowingly coming together and may soon learn what God has in mind. Maybe Gloria and Victor, (angels from book 1),will even be called to help in some of the adventure!


Wish me luck!

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