Writing and Poetry

The Waiting Game

I have decided that there is no reason to engage in this game.  I refuse to be stagnant while I am waiting for answers on my first book.  I will continue to write and develop the characters for the next book and or educate myself on writing and publishing.

I watched a video today that changed my entire perspective on Literary Agents. It was accessible to me through a weekly e-mail from Mark Maletesta. The video was a interview with several  agents and it helped me to see that they are really interested in the success of their clients and the crafting of great books. I am not so intimidated after watching these people talk about the changing face of publishing and selecting books that will successful.

I was also encouraged to listen to their dialogue on blogging and the importance that it has to promote an authors books and voice.

I have been afraid to really write anything about my book because it is not published yet but there are some creative ways to promote books before publication. My particular book series begins as a (MG) middle grade and jumps to (YA) in the second book. I want my characters to mature with the reader.

Middle grade will be a challenge to promote because the readers are not as engaged in social media. They are not likely to buy a lot of online books or e-books so the author must promote the book through schools, local libraries and book stores. I have found some resources that helped me to gain perspective: teenreads.com, youtube, booktubers.


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