Writing and Poetry

Memorial Day

Andrea Poem   A little nostalgic as we come to the Memorial Day Weekend. Eight years ago we lost my beautiful daughter Annie. I want to share a wonderful gift that we received at that time.

After Annie’s wake, several people ask me to give them a copy of a poem that I wrote for her baby book. It is not a stellar piece but it was special to her and to us.  I went to the computer and began typing and for some reason, I couldn’t get the margins to work. I hit center and typed and the result was incredible. Click on the green, Andrea Poem, at the top.


I had prayed that God would send me a sign that Annie was okay. Tulips were her favorite flower. This was only one of the tulips that came our way.

God Bless each of you as you remember your loved ones and the fallen soldiers over the Memorial Day weekend.

I worked and worked to find a way to show the poem in color but it kept wrapping the text. I am going to post this and hope that when you click on the link at the top the poem will magically give you a link. Crossing my fingers. This post was meant for Memorial Day but as this is my journey and journeys are sometimes adventures it is a little out of order.Andrea Poem

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