Writing and Poetry


Yes, editing, and editing, and editing some more. That is where I am, in the process. I have a friend who is a Comp. teacher and she is editing my book, synopsis and query. I am working on the second book while I am awaiting the completion of the first.

I am anxious to talk to Mr. Maletesta and make a firm decision as to whether I will self-publish or try for a traditional publisher.

I tried unsuccessfully, (about a dozen times) to add a Memorial Day post but I could not get my poetry to cut and paste to the blog and keep the integrity. I tried to type and color the poem as it is but never got it to work. I finally decided that I need to upgrade to have that option.

I am also listening to other authors and reading suggestions every day. I had no idea there was so much to learn.

I am posting a link to my writing, at writing.com. If anyone would like a peek, the poem I wanted to share for Memorial Day is, “Andrea Nicole.” When I was having trouble getting it formatted, I centered it and it took the shape of a tulip which was Annie’s favorite flower. That was the first of several assurances that God was indeed taking care of “my girl.”<b>Write On @ <a href=”https://www.Writing.Com?rfrid=hairchick&#8221; target=”_blank”>Writing.Com</a>!</b>

Have a great day!



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