Writing and Poetry

Wind song

I thought this poem would be appropriate for the Kansas weather today.


Whispering secrets heard, as she passes through the trees,

               Fluttering, shaking, caressing, thousands of shimmering leaves

               Cooling the brow of the farmer, whipping up dust devils in the fields

                                                   Bringing the scent of rain and hope of better yields

                                                Blowing the sail full to bring a catamaran to dock

                                                           Lifting the skirt of a young girl’s frock

                                                    Flag gently waving with a breath of air,

                                   Or billowing wildly with a gust and fanfare

               Dancing on the pavement, leaves crisp and brown      

                Swirling high in the air, slowly spiraling down

          Holding the magic of a trains’ lonesome notes,

                              Carrying a memory as the song floats

                                Oh! the fury of the fierce hurricane gale

              Or the spinning and churning, spitting tornado’s hail

                        She soothes us , cools us, her repertoire has no end,

                                   This blustering, gusting, breezy thing called wind




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