Writing and Poetry

When Life Gets in the way

I have been A.w.o.l for awhile because of family issues but this week everything seems to be falling into place.  My editor is going through my manuscript again after corrections and I hope to schedule my interview with Mr. Maletesta.

We make all these plans but life happens and working around being a wife,mother, business owner and aspiring author can get a bit hectic.

I did write something for memorial day but it will not post the way I want it to so it is sitting in drafts. I attended a really great writers group on Monday and I was inspired to “get it done”. I am thankful for the experience of the people in my little corner of the world and that they are willing to share with those of us just getting started. I expressed my feeling of being so exposed when I posted the link to my blog on facebook and the group was very supportive and gave me ideas about how to set up a separate page just for my writing. In the end I think I just have to get over feeling like I am so exposed and own my passion. I said that I thought it would be easier when I was published and one of the other writers said, “Do you have a blog?”


“Then you are published.”

I have never thought about it that way and it was definitely helpful.

Sooo, I guess the real problem is in my confidence. Most of my facebook  friends are friends and family and it is hard to put myself out there. I do not have a problem when I am on twitter, or anywhere that I am relatively incognito.  One of the other members shared an excerpt from her book in progress and she was so emotionally charged and hot when she finished sharing. We had a discussion about her reaction and I didn’t feel so alone. We are passionate about our work and sharing is exciting but terrifying. I will forge ahead and continue the process. Sometimes life will hi-jack me but it will not stand in the way. I believe there is a purpose for every poem I write and that the inspiration for this book did not come from me alone. He has a hand in all that I do.


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