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Reviews that really Matter

Yeah. That’s what I said. Reviews that really matter. We get reviews from friends and family but the ones that make our hearts soar are the ones that come from readers! A librarian from my hometown sent me an email about student reviews of Heroes by Design. I love it. I wish I would hear this more.

This is the original wording from the librarian.

            Librarians review many books, and all types of books, from children’s picture books and young adult favorites, to the latest adult thriller. I often share my thoughts in the weekly library news, but I seldom have the chance to feature a guest review, especially one written by local students.

            Authored by former Jetmore resident, Debra Schwartz Irsik, “Heroes by Design,” was featured at a book signing at the library last year. During her visit, Debra was also a guest speaker for our local Youth Group. The following review of “Heroes by Design” was written by sisters, Bailee and Blaire. 

            “Heroes by Design – author D. A. Irsik – is a realistic Christian fiction book for teens.  Sela, Zach, and Emily are best friends and they are in middle school.  Emily lost her mother and her faith with it.  Sela meets her guardian angel while she tries to help Emily through her loss.
            We liked this book because it made us feel like we need to help those who are going through hard times and to be a blessing to others!”  –
Bailee and Blaire

            Taylor, Blaire and Bailee’s cousin, is also reading, “Heroes by Design.” Even with weeks of limited library access, the cousins still checked out several books each from the library over the summer. All three girls are active in library programs and visit the library year-round.  Thank you, girls, for taking the time to write this review. 
            There are two more books in the “Heroes by Design” series: book two is “Hero’s Journey” and book three, “Hero’s Purpose” is set to be released this year.                               

I want to give a shout out to Bailee, Blair and Taylor. Thanks for reading my book and a special thanks to Bailee and Blair for the review! I have sent a complimentary copy of Hero’s Purpose to the library and one to your Grandmother to share with you. This last book takes The friends to High School and the challenges of being actively engaged in their futures. I hope you enjoy!

1 thought on “Reviews that really Matter”

  1. You are very deserving of these accolades, Deb. You have worked hard to bring these books to pre-teens and teens who are in need of guidance with their purpose today. Thank You for being that conduit.


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