Writing and Poetry


Yes, again. I am feeling a little frustrated as my scheduled release date on Ingram is July 17th. but I have yet to receive the Proof copy. The books that are offered on Amazon and other outlets will be the proof copy. I have e-mailed and called Ingram and they assure me I can change the release date but it will not change.

Five books have been pre-ordered so far and they were ordered through other sources than me personally so those people will get an un-edited copy of “Hero’s Purpose.” I checked and re-checked the manuscript so I am hoping errors will be minimal.

I will do a launch party on Facebook and several posts before the actual book is ready so watch for it and order after that time to assure the best quality in your book.

In the meantime, remember to review Heroes by Design and Hero’s Journey on Amazon and Goodreads! I’m sure that God’s timing is better than mine and I have to remind myself to be patient. God Bless.

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