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Special moments

This post is about a very special person in my life. She is One-Hundred and Three and an amazing woman of God. We visited a month ago and she was practically bouncing off the walls of the nursing home. I wrote part of a poem on the way home from that visit.

We visited again over the weekend and she was not as perky and sharp. It made me think about how temporary this life is and how important it is to take time to learn from others. I finished the poem on the way home and would like to share.


Dry crepe paper skin

Vacant blind eyes

Rambling words strung

Into memorized verses

Words mined from memory

To remind us of who

She Once was

She is not needy or unhappy

Not bored or lonely

Not today

Today she is glad

Glad we are here

Anxious to spend time

Time of which

She is filled to the brim

Time, she has the luxury

To waste without care

Tomorrow may or

May not come

She offers precious

Golden nuggets freely

She does not hold back

Offering all she has

All that is left of importance

Is contained in this vessel

That may or may not recall

Your name or relationship

Stories are repeated

Moments lost


New memories made

To pass to those who take

             Time to touch

        To learn

    To listen

To cherished words

Precious moments

That would otherwise

Be lost like morning fog

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