Writing and Poetry

I’m Baaa ak

Yep I am back. Life just gets in the way sometimes. So an update:

Yes, I am still in the process of publishing, I have done another re-write and hopefully have a better book for it. I have a wonderful editor and support group and feel confident that I am ready to publish.

Now a cover. I have come up with a few ideas and hope to work with an artist soon to narrow it down and find the perfect one to introduce my series into the world. It is not un-like giving birth. You want it to enter the world a happy and healthy baby that will have a positive affect on the world.

I have said before that writing is the easy part and I repeat…writing is the joy and publishing is like a creative person and algebra. It grates, it does not come naturally, it sucks!

The entire process is frightening and stressful. It is hard. Like life it is always a challenge. I have grown in ways I never would have guessed possible. I have discovered things about my writing that I never would have expected. I love writing fiction almost as much as writing poetry. Who knew?

God willing I will have published Heroes by Design by the end of September and Book II will be in the hands of Hazel Hart, my wonderful editor.

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