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   I have been waiting for a publisher to contact me and one did. I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed because it was a “Partner Publisher.” I thought most of the publishers that received the list from Writers Edge were traditional publishing companies . I hope I will hear from others that are true traditional publishers.

   The company is transparent, in that you know up-front that you pay for the services but, they want you to pay 30 percent on 1000 books for the first publication. I understand that it is a risk to completely pay an author for a book. I totally understand that they have to pay the people that do the leg work to market, edit, design and all of the other things that go into it, but I think that is a little steep. If I pay $3.00 a book I will invest $3,000 dollars in the first book and will have to sell all of them at full price to re-coup the money because I will only make 30 percent per book in royalties.

    I am no math whiz but that seems like a poor investment. If you have used a partner publisher please share your experiences. At this point I thanked them and I am holding out for a more traditional route or I will publish myself and take my show on the road.

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