Writing and Poetry

Still querying

I have been sorely tempted to work with a publishing company that does the marketing and publishing but it is pricey and you are basically paying someone to publish instead of being paid to publish. It is a mix of vanity and self publishing.

Sooo I am going to review my book again, find ways to improve it and continue the query process. I have has some good feedback and suggestions and will consider all of those things as I continue the journey.

The good news is, I have written about three chapters of the second book and my characters are changing and growing. I am learning so much in the fiction class that I am taking and I will look at my transcript differently and with new tools as I review it this time.

The process can be frustrating and even a little discouraging but I am truly enjoying the adventure. It is opening a completely new world for me and I love every minute of it. I am anxious to finish this project and begin another chapter. Maybe a poetry chapbook or another fiction genre. There are only the boundaries we impose on ourselves.

Happy Writing!!

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