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Christmas Thoughts

I have been so caught in Holiday planning and life that it has been a while since I sent in a submission. I did that today and I will begin to look with vigor again after the 1st of the year.

I want to share my thoughts of Christmas. It is such a special time of year and yet it seems the beauty of the real Christmas gets lost in the shuffle of buying and getting and we lose so much. The reality is so beautiful.

A child was born all those years ago to save all of us. We are given free choice by our living God and we so often choose badly. God knows our shortcomings and as long as we can admit that, He is willing to forgive.

Christ takes on all of our sins. Dies, to give us eternal life. It sounds like a fairy-tale and yet all these years have passed and the promise is still real. We have this beautiful promise. In a short 30, some years Christ did more for mankind than anyone can ever, ever do again. The ultimate gift.

My hope for this year is that more of us will embrace the true reason for the season and not let the hoopla interfere. I want to see more than lights and gifts and decorations that are all superficial. I want my family and each person who reads this blog to be Blessed by this season. To feel a real connection to Christ and his purpose. We may not know the exact date that Christ was born but this celebration is for the purpose of reminding us what Our Father did to allow us, weak and selfish as we are, to have the opportunity for eternal life. I hope you take time to really meditate on the story of Jesus’s birth and life. I hope the true reason for Christmas will manifest itself in your heart for the entire year and continue to uplift you and bring you Joy!







A blank canvas waiting for life to…

change it

paint it

imprint the motion of creatures and man.





A squirrel dances gingerly under the

tutu of an oak with a barren top.

The cat shakes her paw

wonders at the feel of…





A single flake, a unique design

no other can duplicate.

Like a fingerprint

not one the same.




gracefully falling…

created by God


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