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Keeping On

I have been working on specific requirements for select agents. I have no idea how anyone can do simultaneous submissions. The last two were very specific in how they wanted the submissions. The good thing is that I am learning so much about the process. I have a new admiration for published authors. It is work.

 I am moving forward with the second book in the series and continue to discover who my characters really are. They reveal themselves as I write. I love discovering where their young lives are leading them. I am still working in my salon and taking a writing course at Emporia State University. So I also have a new respect for the students, especially those with jobs and family commitments. I spend quite a bit of time just working on the assignments for one class so I can’t imagine the challenge of carrying a full load.

The turbulence in our nation and world have been a distraction, but like everyone one we come to a place where we make a decision to move forward. We have our personal agendas but we have a common goal. Every American wants our country to be strong. We all want a strong economy and equal rights. We are still a christian nation. Regardless who holds the highest office in our nation, we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD. One person can not make change without the consent of many. We all have to stand for what we believe in and keep on, keeping on.

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