The Process

Still struggling with some doubts but wrote my first draft of a query yesterday. Life is getting in the way and it is hard to focus on writing but I want to keep forward motion.  My editor will have time to finish the first edit by the end of next week and then I will schedule my coaching session with Mr. Malatesta.

It is difficult to put into words what I felt after reading after reading Terra Elan McVoy’s Pure and Nancy Rue’s Lily series. They are both masterful writers and are not afraid to write about faith. The difference is that I am trying to start with a younger audience and work up to the teen audience and I add a bit of fantasy with the protagonist being able to see angels. I hope by the time I am writing a YA book that I can be as straightforward as these authors.

Almost everything I write is inspirational and it is a little harder to sell. Your audience is smaller. I want to write to appeal to everyone’s spiritual side without compromising what I feel is the truth. A hard sell! So…I will leave it in Gods hands and pray that my writing is for his glory and let it go.




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