Social Networking

I am getting up to speed on twitter and trying to decide if I need a separate writing page on Facebook. I know it is important to be connected and I am enjoying searching out fellow writers. I have a glitch in my open office program that I hope to resolve by Monday. My book is a story about three friends embarking on teenage life. Sela is an incredibly intuitive young woman who is unshakable in her faith, to the point of being overbearing. Emily is her best friend and faith partner. She is a bit of spitfire and sometimes has a little trouble controlling her opinions. Zach is their guy friend that often is caught in the middle. They are thrown into chaos when Emily loses her Mother. Emily decides that God is not real or important and her friends turn to God and Angels for help.


3 thoughts on “Social Networking”

  1. I’m a fellow writer myself. The one problem: Subject matter. I write religious poetry. Even those that said they would publish it read my work n’ said no. No explanation why. I DO have some ideas, the ideas ar shot down by me or my partners (who aren’t around) What would you suggest?

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    1. Self-publish. Poetry is hard to get published unless you are an established author. I write poetry mostly spiritual or reflective and after I get the MG series all published I will self-publish a poetry book. They will most likely sell to friends and family but it is rewarding. I go to open mike events at our library and Indie bookstore. You have to put yourself out there and find your tribe. My local writing group also provides tons of support and encouragement. Good Luck!


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